CG ship Tamaroa sunk on DEl-Jersey-Land reef

  • July 19, 2017 7:54 am
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  • CG ship Tamaroa sunk on DEl-Jersey-Land reef
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    The Coast Guard ship, Tamaroa, was sunk on the Del-Jersey-Land Reef. It is 33nm off the coats of Cape May ,NJ in water around 120 feet deep.

    The Tamaroa was the CG ship featured in the book and movie “The Perfect Storm”. In 1991 the ship rescued the crew of 3 on a sailboat caught in the storm. They were facing 40 ft waves and 70mph winds. They also rescued 4 of the 5 crew members of a Coast Guard helicopter that ran out of fuel and ditched in the storm.

    It was sunk in May 2017 finally after a few weather delays. It was towed North from the shipyard at Norfolk by a tug. It had several holes in the bottom patched by temporary patches. These were removed and the vessel sunk. It started down on its side and then turned and settled upright on the bottom.


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