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20 sites in Chesapeake Bay

Bay Reefs

  • Cedarhurst reef
  • Cedarpoint reef
  • Chesapeake beach reef
  • Choptank river
  • Crisfield reef
  • Dolly's Lump
  • Gales Lumps
  • Hackett point
  • Hawk Cove
  • Holland Point
  • Hollicutts Noose
  • Jane's Island
  • Little Cove point
  • Love Point
  • Plum Point
  • Point No point reef
  • Point lookout
  • Poole's island
  • Severn River bridge
  • Sharp's Island
  • Tangier Sound
  • Taylor's Island
  • Tilghman Island
  • Tolchester

10 sites in the ocean
Ocean Reefs

Maryland Reef Plan

Maryland upper bay reefs

Maryland Bay reefs

Maryland Upper Bay reefs Pooles Island Artificial Reef   Upper bay NE of Hart-Miller Island concrete rubble latitude longitude 39.14.37 76.17.48

Maryland Artificial Reefs

20 sites in Chesapeake Bay 10 sites in the ocean Maryland Reef Plan   Bay Reefs Cedarhurst reef Cedarpoint reef Chesapeake beach reef Choptank river Crisfield reef Dolly

Great Eastern Artificial Reef

20 nm SE of R-2 buoy sand bottom debris vessels latitude longitude corners 38.12.000 74.44.500 38.13.000 74.43.300 38.12.060 74.44.450 38.12

Gale's Lump Artificial Reef

silt bottom below Tolchester in Bay quarry stone concrete culverts and rubble

Dolly's Lump Artificial Reef

below Sandy point in bay concrete pipe

Crisfield Artificial Reef

North of buoy “R6” known as Fox Island Buoy granite rock piles Latitude Longitude rocks 37.55.588 75.56.586 rocks 37.55.578 75.56.561 roc

CedarPoint Artificial Reef

Patuxent River sandy bottom rockpiles reef balls fiberglass concrete  latitude longitude 38.18.43 76.22.43

Bass Grounds Artificial Reef

9 nm E of R-2 buoy sand bottom reef is in 2 sections plus a 3rd section of subway cars debris vessels designed units … latitude longitude corners of first section 38.17.43

African Queen Artificial Reef

13 nm SE of “R-2” buoy. It consists of an existing wreck, various vessels, specially designed units and debris   latitude longitude corner 38.09.580 75.57.800
Del-Jerseryland Inshore Reef

Del-Jerseyland Inshore reef

This reef is a 3 state joint venture- NJ, Del and Md 1.46 sq nm depth 121-131 feet 26nm from Indian River 33.7nm from Cape may 150° 30nm from Ocean City Md 41.7nm 179° from Townsend Inl

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